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web authoring has become technator's third specialty area beyond video and audio production. many of the same concepts inherent in graphic design and video production come into play along with the interactive capabilities of web design.

web design

as well as teaching web authoring courses, technator's freelance business has led to several website projects. his specialty tends to be sites for small businesses and organizations - high impact at a low cost.

technator follows web design techniques that correspond with today's Web 2.0 standards: xhtml coding, separation of structure from style, controlling style with CSS, and using clear, simple design methods created for easy navigation through a page and a site.

the sites

on the left are links to several websites that have been created and built by technator through the past few years. some were created using past techniques, while others fit the Web 2.0 standards. most of them are live sites that are still in operation, although a couple of them are embedded in this site either because they have been changed since leaving my control or are no longer live. each of these links leads to a description page which includes a link that will open the site in a new window or tab. when you are finished looking at the site, simply close the window or tab and you will return to this web site.