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mike gantenbein, mild-mannered resident of the rogue valley for 37 years, is currently the creative services director at ktvl news10 in medford, oregon.

he originally graduated from medford senior high school in 1979, having been very involved in music studies. after a brief stint in the us army (two years), he furthered his education and graduated with a bs in fine and performing arts from what was then southern oregon state college.

realizing that the music gig thing wasn't going to work financially, mike landed a job at kdrv-tv running audio on the newscasts. within a few years, he was directing the newscasts plus shooting and editing local tv commercials.

after nine years at kdrv. one of the local ad agencies purchased a newfangled digital video editor and needed somone to figure out how to run it and make it profitable. their offer was profitable, too. that lead to working for a variety of different ad agencies, eventually as a freelance company called gantenbeat! productions.

the freelance work lead to teaching a course at southern oregon university, then another, etc. - until it led to a full-time position teaching at sou. but all good things come to an end, and his position was eliminated due to budget cuts in 2007.

the time was opportune, as a promotion producer position had opened at ktvl news10. seven months into the job, the promotion manager left and technator was promoted to that position. in the 2+ years since, he has provided a new look and new approaches to tv promotion in the market and change titles to creative services director.