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technator's greatest love is music - both listening to it and creating it. he plays in a band - Soul Food - to keep his performance chops up.

the studio

technator has had a small recording studio since he graduated from college after getting a good start working at the college radio station and studying music. whenever he can find the time, he's usually plunking around on the bass, strumming the guitar or mkaing strange sounds with a plethora of synthesizers.

the studio has evolved into a full-fledged high-quality digital project studio in recent years, and has been hired occassionally by local agencies and musicians. contact the swiss army media guy for more information.

the music

this section of the website contains a variety of recordings made for various purposes, They are a bit dated at this time, but several new ideas are currently bubbling away in the studio and will appear here in good time.

the section is divided into three areas: songs that were recorded in recent years, lost tapes that were rediscovered from recording made sessions during the early 1990's and jingles that were written while technator worked at the Marketing Resources Group in the late '90s.