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news10: your connection -
tv news image campaign

Your Connectionrecently, under the direction of the news manager, news10 rebranded itself based on a fresh approach to news gathering and delivery that he had initiated. the branding team then developed a new, original slogan - actually a series of interconnected slogans: your connection is the masthead slogan. It emphasizes the fact that news10 is a local, personal connection to news and entertainment across several platforms. In addition, your town, your weather, your news serve as sub-slogans that provide more direct connections for the viewers. here are the first three spots introducing news10's new branding concepts.

news10: on your tv - tv news image campaign

On Your TVthis is news10's latest image campaign, inspired by an iPhone app spot from a larger market. the original idea worked well as a :15, but we needed longer versions, so figured out a couple of variations to extend the message and drive home everything that news10 offers. in one version, our anchor tags the spot for a personalized statement. in this version, a tv plays engaging news video with voice over to emphasize show times.

special reports - topical news promos

Special Reportsthis pair of spots reflects the ability to work closely with news reporters to develop topical spots promoting special reports that draw extra attention during ratings periods. consistency and maintenance of branding are important while giving each story it's own flavor.


newspaper girl- connecting with the audience

Newspaper Girlthese spots make a direct strike at newspapers, who charge for physical news delivery and many are charging for web delivery. the concept was borrowed from another market with a few modifications. the first spot was such a hit with corporate management, that it was used as a motivational element at a corporate conference.


news10: wcf bring it on - getting attention

West Coast Flavorsanchor trish hosts a cooking segment every week that highlights the specialties of local chefs. this spot uses beat driven music combined with lots of motion and color to stand out from the standard local fare, while countering the playful action with trish's classy style.


news10: real people - connecting to anchors on a personal level

Real Peoplethis spot was one of the first i created at news10- playing off of the perky rapport between our two early morning anchors, trish & lindsey.



news10: first online - animation to illustrate a point

First Onlineone of the options our news department has chosen is to post stories online as soon as possible, instead of waiting until after they air in a newscast. this helps drive traffic to the website, which has become a decent revenue generator. this spot makes the point using simple illustrations animated in after effects.


asante - thoroughly developed concept with a strong emotional hook

Asante adthis is one from a series of four spots for the Asante Health System that technator was the offline editor for, making major editing decisions in tandem with a creative director. the spot was finished at a post production facility in Seattle.